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Natural Pop’s 2014 Show Schedule


Natural Pop travels across the country to bring you merchandise unavailable online as well as our newest items. You can also pick up an order, or just stop by to say hi! Below is our current confirmed schedule. This list will be updated as conventions, festivals, and shows are added.

MAGFest: January 2 - 5
National Harbor, MD

Anime Los Angeles: January 10 - 12
Los Angeles, CA

Ohayocon: January 24 -26
Columbus, Ohio

Katsucon: February 14 - 16
National Harbor, MD

Anime Boston: March 21 - 23
Boston, MA

Shuto Con*: April 4 - 6
Lansing, MI

Awesome Con: April 18 - 20
Washington, D.C.

Anime Central: May 16 - 18
Rosemont, IL

TrotCon: June 20 - June 22
Columbus, OH

Anthrocon: July 3 - 6
Pittsburgh, PA

J-Pop Summit: July 19 -20
San Francisco, CA

Brony Con: August 1 - 3
Baltimore, MD

Otakon: August 8 - 10
Baltimore, MD

Crafty Bastards: September 28
Washington, D.C.

Youmacon: October 31 - November 2
Detroit, MI

*In attendance for networking and deliveries only

Do you have any of the Timmy and Tommy necklaces left? I would love to buy a set!

Thanks for the question! We are currently out of stock on the Timmy and Tommy set. Though, there will be more next month (along with at least one or two new designs). I will post here on tumblr when they come back in stock!

Hi there! I just saw your post about the Animal Crossing necklaces you sell and they're adorable. I was wondering if you make custom charms of different villagers? I would love a Sprinkle necklace!

Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, I can’t do custom charms. (Unless you are ordering more than 15 of that one charm.) However, the suggestions are helpful in helping me decide what’s next, and I do plan on getting to some of the neighbours. It will take time because new charms only come out every month or two. You can follow me on Etsy to see when new items are added, and I will post about it here on tumblr too.